Award Type: U01 NHLBI TOPMed Program: Integrative Omics Approaches for Analysis of TOPMed Data (RFA-HL-17-011)
Title Investigator(s) Award number Start Year
U01: Rice and Weir - From gene regions to whole chromosomes: scaling up association-finding for disease and omics outcomes in TOPMed Ken Rice, Bruce Weir U01 HL137162-01 2017
U01: O'Connell - High-performance mixed model toolset for integrative omics analysis of big data Jeff O'Connell U01 HL137181-01 2017
U01: Kang - Scalable and translational analysis tools on the cloud for deep integrative omics data Hyun Min Kang U01 HL137182-01 2017
U01: Haussler and Paten - Unbiased analysis of genomic correlates of gene expression in health and disease David Haussler, Benedict Paten U01 HL137183-01 2017
U01: Benos and Sciurba - Systems level causal discovery in heterogeneous TOPMed data Takis Benos, Frank Sciurba U01 HL137159-01 2017