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Submitting Author Title Journal Name Publication Date Sort ascending PMID
Raffield, Laura Whole Genome Sequencing Based Analysis of Inflammation Biomarkers in the Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) Consortium Human Molecular Genetics 38747556
Su, Jessica Lasky Metabolite signatures associated with microRNA miR-143-3p serve as drivers of poor lung function trajectories in childhood asthma eBioMedicine 38458111
Wheeler, Heather Transcriptome-wide association study of the plasma proteome reveals cis and trans regulatory mechanisms underlying complex traits AJHG 38320554
de Vries, Paul A genetic association study of circulating coagulation Factor VIII and von Willebrand Factor levels Blood 38320121
Kasela, Silva Interaction molecular QTL mapping discovers cellular and environmental modifiers of genetic regulatory effects American Journal of Human Genetics 38181730
Yun, Jeong Clonal Somatic Mutations in Chronic Lung Diseases Are Associated with Reduced Lung Function Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 37788444
Franceschini, Nora Genome-wide study investigating effector genes and polygenic prediction for kidney function in persons with ancestry from Africa and the Americas Cell Genomics 38190104
Armstrong, Nicole Whole Genome Sequence Analysis of Apparent Treatment Resistant Hypertension Status in Participants from the Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine Program Frontiers in Genetics- Special Issue on "Linking Genetic Variation to Drug Response: Discovery and Challenges" 38162683
Wang, Yuxuan Rare variants in long non-coding RNAs are associated with blood lipid levels in the TOPMed Whole Genome Sequencing Study American Journal of Human Genetics 37802043
Hu, Xiaowei Multi-ancestry epigenome-wide analyses identify methylated sites associated with aortic augmentation index in TOPMed MESA Scientific Reports 37848499

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