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About TOPMed membership

What is TOPMed?

The Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) program is an NHLBI-funded effort to identify genetic and other molecular risk factors for heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders, laying the groundwork for precision medicine approaches to prevent, detect, and treat these conditions. The TOPMed community comprises investigators and collaborators from existing TOPMed projectsstudiescenters and related awards. Please see About TOPMed for more information, and view a current list of publications and pre-prints from TOPMed investigators. 

What is TOPMed membership?

Membership in the TOPMed program requires nomination and sponsorship from an existing TOPMed Center or Project PI.

TOPMed membership is not necessarily required to access TOPMed data, depending on the requested data—as explained below.

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How can scientific community members access TOPMed data?

TOPMed data are made available to the scientific community in multiple venues. Individual-level molecular and phenotypic data and select Genomic Summary Results (GSR) are available through controlled-access TOPMed study accessions in NIH-designated repositories—see TOPMed Data Access for the Scientific Community for more information. Publicly-available resources include the BRAVO variant server and the TOPMed imputation server powered by BioData Catalyst

How can TOPMed members access TOPMed data?

TOPMed members access TOPMed data in one of two ways:

  1. All TOPMed investigators may apply for access to released TOPMed data via the same process as other scientific community members (see above).
  2. A subset of TOPMed investigators, designated by TOPMed Project and Center PIs (i.e. data contributors and data generators), may apply for access to pre-release TOPMed data available on dbGaP Exchange Areas. 

For TOPMed members, use of data accessed by either mechanism is subject to TOPMed data sharing and publications policies.



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