Award Type: U01 NHLBI TOPMed Program: Integrative Omics Approaches for Analysis of TOPMed Data (RFA-HL-17-011)
Title Investigator(s) Award number Start Year
U01: Rice and Weir - From gene regions to whole chromosomes: scaling up association-finding for disease and omics outcomes in TOPMed Ken Rice, Bruce Weir U01 HL137162-01 2017
U01: O'Connell - High-performance mixed model toolset for integrative omics analysis of big data Jeff O'Connell U01 HL137181-01 2017
U01: Kang - Scalable and translational analysis tools on the cloud for deep integrative omics data Hyun Min Kang U01 HL137182-01 2017
U01: Haussler and Paten - Unbiased analysis of genomic correlates of gene expression in health and disease David Haussler, Benedict Paten U01 HL137183-01 2017
U01: Benos and Sciurba - Systems level causal discovery in heterogeneous TOPMed data Takis Benos, Frank Sciurba U01 HL137159-01 2017
Award Type: TOPMed Fellowship
Title Investigator(s) Start Year
TMF: Systematic profiling and characterization of transcripts that are associated with quantitative blood disease traits through putative gain-of-function variants Zeynep Coban Akdemir 2022
TMF: Powerful and resource-efficient multi-trait analysis for large-scale multi-ethnic whole-genome sequencing studies Xihao Li 2022
TMF: Pathway-specific polygenic risk scores for TOPMed cohorts Matthew Goodman 2022
TMF: Novel Higher-Order Multi-View Network Analysis Pipeline for Multi-Omics Network Inference with Application to COPD Gene Data Weixuan Liu 2022
TMF: Multiple-omic B cell signatures of emphysema in lung tissue Jarrett Morrow 2022
TMF: Improve polygenic risk scores from sequencing data and diverse populations Zhe Wang 2022
TMF: Defining genetic determinants of the hematopoietic stem cell single-base substitution signature L. A. Liggett 2022
TMF: Deciphering rare non-coding lipid associations using whole genome sequencing meta- analysis Margaret Sunitha Selvaraj 2022
TMF: Constructing and Evaluating Omic Risk Scores for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Prediction and Classification Iain Konigsberg 2022
TMF: Cell-type specific inference from bulk RNA-sequencing data by integrating single cell reference profiles via EPIC-unmix Quan Sun 2022
Award Type: R01 Integrative Computational Biology for Analysis of NHLBI TOPMed Data (RFA-HL-18-020)
Title Investigator(s) Award number Start Year
R01: Yu - Trans-omics Analysis to Unravel Molecular Underpinnings of Heart, Lung and Blood Disease Risk Factors Bing Yu R01 HL142003-01 2018
R01: Tang - Trans-Omics Elucidation of Genetic Architecture Underlying Cardiovascular and HLBS Diseases Hua Tang, Alex Reiner, Charles Kooperberg 1R01 HL142017-01A1 2019
R01: Sotoodehnia - Systems Biology Analysis of Cardiac Electrical Activity and Arrhythmias Nona Sotoodehnia, Dan Arking, Ali Shojaie 1R01 HL141989-01A1 2019
R01: Montgomery - Integrative multi-omics in whole genome studies of HLBS disorders Stephen Montgomery R01 HL142015-01 2018
R01: Mathias - Integrative computational biology approaches to identify functional determinants of platelet aggregation in African Americans and European Americans Rasika Mathias R01 HL141944-01 2018
R01: Lee - Integrative analysis to uncover biology of blood lipids & coronary heart disease Seunggeun Lee, Cristen Willer, Xiang Zhou R01 HL142023-01 2018
R01: Lappalainen - Integration of omics data to improve interpretation of genetic risk variants in lung disease Tuuli Lappalainen, R. Graham Barr R01 HL142028-01 2018
R01: Himes - Integrative Analyses to Uncover Biological Mechanisms Mediating Gene Associations with Asthma Drug Response Among Minority Children Blanca Himes R01 HL141992-01 2018
R01: Chakravarti - Cardiac genetic effects across HLBS phenotypes Aravinda Chakravarti R01 HL141980-01 2018
Award Type: NIH-sponsored investigator-initiated award centered on TOPMed data
Title Investigator(s) Award number Start Year
R01: Natarajan and Peloso - Whole genome sequences in ethnically diverse individuals with functional assays and genome editing to characterize the biology of plasma lipids Pradeep Natarajan, Gina Peloso 1R01 HL142711-01A1 2019
DP5: Bick - Targeting clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential using human genetics Alexander Bick 1DP5 OD029586-01 2020
Award Type: Working Group Analysis Support Program
Title Investigator(s) Analysis Center Working Group or Committee Start Year
ASP: Seyerle and Coombes - WGS of venous thromboembolism Amanda Seyerle, Brandon Coombes DCC Venous Thromboembolism 2017
ASP: Natarajan and Peloso - Whole genome allelic determinants of severe dyslipidemia Pradeep Natarajan, Gina Peloso Broad Institute Genomics Platform Lipids 2017
ASP: Manichaikul and Cho - Pulmonary function and COPD Ani Manichaikul, Michael Cho IRC Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, PFT Lung Population Cohorts 2017
ASP: Kelly - WGS of blood pressure Tanika Kelly Blood Pressure 2017
ASP: Fetterman - Relations of mitochondrial genetic variation with cardiometabolic disease Jessica Fetterman IRC Mitochondrial DNA 2017
ASP: Choi - WGS for atrial fibrillation and EKG traits Seung Hoan Choi Broad Institute Genomics Platform EKG - Arrhythmia 2017
ASP: Chen and Huffman - Computational pipeline for whole-genome analysis of complex traits Han Chen, Jennifer Huffman DCC Analysis 2017