Award Type: Working Group Analysis Support Program
Title Investigator(s) Analysis Center Working Group or Committee Start Year
ASP: Seyerle and Coombes - WGS of venous thromboembolism Amanda Seyerle, Brandon Coombes DCC Venous Thromboembolism 2017
ASP: Natarajan and Peloso - Whole genome allelic determinants of severe dyslipidemia Pradeep Natarajan, Gina Peloso Broad Institute Genomics Platform Lipids 2017
ASP: Manichaikul and Cho - Pulmonary function and COPD Ani Manichaikul, Michael Cho IRC Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, PFT Lung Population Cohorts 2017
ASP: Kelly - WGS of blood pressure Tanika Kelly Blood Pressure 2017
ASP: Fetterman - Relations of mitochondrial genetic variation with cardiometabolic disease Jessica Fetterman IRC Mitochondrial DNA 2017
ASP: Choi - WGS for atrial fibrillation and EKG traits Seung Hoan Choi Broad Institute Genomics Platform EKG - Arrhythmia 2017
ASP: Chen and Huffman - Computational pipeline for whole-genome analysis of complex traits Han Chen, Jennifer Huffman DCC Analysis 2017