Award Type: R01 Integrative Computational Biology for Analysis of NHLBI TOPMed Data (RFA-HL-18-020)
Title Investigator(s) Award number Start Year
R01: Yu - Trans-omics Analysis to Unravel Molecular Underpinnings of Heart, Lung and Blood Disease Risk Factors Bing Yu R01 HL142003-01 2018
R01: Tang - Trans-Omics Elucidation of Genetic Architecture Underlying Cardiovascular and HLBS Diseases Hua Tang, Alex Reiner, Charles Kooperberg 1R01 HL142017-01A1 2019
R01: Sotoodehnia - Systems Biology Analysis of Cardiac Electrical Activity and Arrhythmias Nona Sotoodehnia, Ali Shojaie, Dan Arking 1R01 HL141989-01A1 2019
R01: Montgomery - Integrative multi-omics in whole genome studies of HLBS disorders Stephen Montgomery R01 HL142015-01 2018
R01: Mathias - Integrative computational biology approaches to identify functional determinants of platelet aggregation in African Americans and European Americans Rasika Mathias R01 HL141944-01 2018
R01: Lee - Integrative analysis to uncover biology of blood lipids & coronary heart disease Seunggeun Lee, Cristen Willer, Xiang Zhou R01 HL142023-01 2018
R01: Lappalainen - Integration of omics data to improve interpretation of genetic risk variants in lung disease Tuuli Lappalainen, R. Graham Barr R01 HL142028-01 2018
R01: Himes - Integrative Analyses to Uncover Biological Mechanisms Mediating Gene Associations with Asthma Drug Response Among Minority Children Blanca Himes R01 HL141992-01 2018
R01: Chakravarti - Cardiac genetic effects across HLBS phenotypes Aravinda Chakravarti R01 HL141980-01 2018