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2019 DCC Analysis Workshop in Seattle

July 24-26, 2019

The DCC is pleased to invite you to attend Module 17: Computational Pipeline for WGS Data in the 2019 Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics. This module will be held July 24-26 at the University of Washington in Seattle. It will be taught by several of the DCC team and led by Stephanie Gogarten, Ken Rice, and Tim Thornton.

This module provides an introduction to analysis of whole-genome sequence data, with an application to the NHLBI Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) program. Topics include population structure and relatedness, phenotype harmonization, aggregating and filtering variants using annotation, and association testing using single- and multi-marker tests. Concepts will be illustrated with hands-on exercises in R. Computational pipelines to link multi-step analyses will be presented, along with considerations for deploying these pipelines on a local compute cluster or in the cloud.

TOPMed is willing to pay the registration fee for this module for a limited number of TOPMed investigators. TOPMed applicants may request to be covered for this module and one or two supporting modules chosen from the more than 50 offered across all four Summer Institutes.

If interested in having your registration fees covered as a TOPMed investigator, please contact Deb Nelson of the UW Biostatistics Department.

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