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Submitting Author Title Preprint Date Sort ascending Preprint DOI
Kechris, Katerina Proteomic Networks and Related Genetic Variants Associated with Smoking and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 2024 medRxiv
Liu, Chunyu Association analysis of mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmic variants: methods and application 2024 medRxiv
Sofer, Tamar Machine learning models for blood pressure phenotypes combining multiple polygenic risk scores 2023 medRxiv
Li, Xihao A statistical framework for powerful multi-trait rare variant analysis in large-scale whole-genome sequencing studies 2023 bioRxiv
Carlson, Jenna Improving imputation quality in Samoans through the integration of population-specific sequences into existing reference panels 2023 medRxiv
Li, Zilin Whole Genome association testing in 333,100 individuals across three Biobanks identifies rare non-coding single variant and genomic aggregate associations with height 2023 bioRxiv
Benson, Mark Lac-Phe mediates the anti-obesity effect of metformin 2023 bioRxiv
Raffield, Laura Whole Genome Sequencing Based Analysis of Inflammation Biomarkers in the Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) Consortium 2023 bioRxiv
de Vries, Paul Carriers of rare damaging CCR2 genetic variants are at lower risk of atherosclerotic disease 2023 medRxiv
Huffman, Jennifer Whole genome analysis of plasma fibrinogen reveals population-differentiated genetic regulators with putative liver roles. 2023 medRxiv

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