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BioData Catalyst

BioData Catalyst (formerly DataSTAGE) is a cloud environment being developed by NHLBI to provide infrastructure for data storage, data sharing, analytical tools and workflows. TOPMed has been chosen to provide data (via dbGaP) and primary use cases for development on BioData Catalyst. The developers are beginning to onboard a few alpha users and will bring in larger numbers of beta users in the fall of 2019. NHLBI is keen to bring many TOPMed activities into the BioData Catalyst environment as soon as possible.

BioData Catalyst request for users - 11/14/2019

Please review this letter from the NHLBI DataSTAGE Team to TOPMed investigators on 6/5/19.

To investigators eligible to submit applications for access to the TOPMed Exchange Area:

In anticipation of future activities on BioData Catalyst, the ACC suggests that you include BioData Catalyst / DataSTAGE as a cloud environment the next time you submit or update your TOPMed-generic dbGaP application.

Specifically, please select cloud computing and add the “Cloud Use Statement” and, under “Cloud Providers”, add this BioData Catalyst / DataSTAGE description.

We hope that when BioData Catalyst is ready to onboard TOPMed users, many TOPMed investigators will be authorized to take advantage of this great opportunity.

More information about BioData Catalyst is available on the BioData Catalyst website.

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